Huana Coa Canopy Adventure







“My partner and I like to do a zipline experience wherever we travel and this one was up there with the fun ones we’ve been on. The professionalism of staff for the safety of the participants and they made sure everyone was having a good time and was very patient with the first timers.

There are a total of 10 ziplines over the course that takes you down the mountainside over a double cable system. Each zip was slightly different from the other and can get good speed on a couple of the longer rides. You end the last zip with a repel off the 30’platform. The only difficult part, as my partner (who is 75) found out, was the hike up about 50 steps uphill to the start of the zips, but then it’s all downhill. Remember the sunscreen as the sun was pretty intense even in March. The ride out to the zipline course takes you through some interesting scenery, especially the fighting rooster breeding farm with the ‘A’ frame huts.

There are lockers for each group for your belongings. Water is available at each station. You can bring a camera, but they say it will be at your own risk. One of the staff members has a camera and takes photos along the way and can purchase the CD ($30) with all the pictures taken at the end of the experience.

The brochure says lunch is included, but it was more like a snack with a couple of small fresh homemade cheese quesadillas.

The company offers different packages, one with a Tequila Factory tour, and the other with ATV and Tequila Tour. We just did the zip with Tequila tour and tasting. The Tequila factory was a short distance from the zipline course. The tour of the facility was interesting and ended with 2 shot size tasting of your choice”


Mazatlan Aquarium







“This is a great way to spend a day. When you walk in, the first thing you see is a huge tank with four sharks, several other fish and a diver in it. The diver has no air tank on and holds her breath while she’s in the tank working with the sharks. Awesome! Tons of interesting animals to look at, both in the main building and outside in the gardens. Several talks during the day involving the sharks, the sea lions and a variety of birds. The ray pool outside is really interesting!”

Salsa & Salsa Mazatlan







“Learning to make margaritas, salsas, and dance salsa. What more can you want on a Mexican holiday? I attended this 5 years ago with family, including young children, and again in 2016 with several other young at heart seniors. Both times, it was a high energy, light hearted experience that we all enjoyed. I highly recommend this program. If you have young children, be sure to book a morning show, and tell them in advance and they will have some alternative ingrediants at your table for the children to mix “virgin” cocktails. Bring your swim suit to enjoy the beachside pool afterwards.”

BibiFleet Fishing







“We decided to try out deep sea fishing on our day trip with the crew. We were warned beforehand that we may not have much luck and that bottom fishing would result in more catches, but we’ve always wanted to go deep sea fishing and this was our chance. We ended up not catching anything, but the whole day was still amazing. We got to see whales leaping out of the water, a group of about 100 dolphins swimming alongside us, several sea turtles hanging out in the water, and some eventful “almost-catches” with a couple marlin. Our captain was knowledgeable and fun to hang out with for the day, and the manager was organized and made sure everything was perfect and ready to go when we got there. We arrived at a cruise ship port and only had a short time in Mazatlan, but the Bibi crew made sure we were picked up and dropped off in a timely manner, allowing us to make the most of our time there. I would recommend this crew to everyone, no hesitation. ”

Turtle Tours Mazatlan







“My husband and I booked a private “Turtle Tour” while visiting Mazatlán on a cruise stop over. We were picked up promptly by our driver and guide near the ship’s pier. We headed out through the countryside to visit the remote beach property where the Olive Ridley sea turtle comes every year to lay its eggs. These eggs are gathered and incubated until the turtles hatch. The devoted staff who work here release the hatchlings back into the ocean, offering them protection from both human and animal predators. Being able to return some of the baby turtles into the sea under the watchful eyes of our guides was a very emotional and rewarding experience. We were also able to enjoy a boat ride through the wetlands where we saw so many beautiful birds. Finally, as the sun was getting low on the horizon we took a ATV ride along a stretch of deserted beach. It was perfect day…one that my husband and I will never forget.”

Baikas Bike Rentals Mazatlan







“This was my first trip to Mazatlan so I wanted to take a tour of Old Town to get my bearings. I was originally going to do the bicycle tour but, when I noticed that they also had Segway tours, I had to choose that option as I had been on one before. They are super-fun to ride and easy to learn how. Rodrigo provided excellent instruction on their use and was a great tour guide, taking me through places of interest in Old Town and along the Malecon. I highly recommend this company, and particularly the Segway tour. These machines are a real thrill, and the tour guiding is excellent!”

Mi Casa Viajes Mazatlan







“We had an awesome evening of sailing with Capt. Eduardo on Valentines Day this year. Our group of 4 booked the entire vessel for the evening and couldn’t have asked for a better time. The sunset was perfect and Capt. Eduardo’s stories kept everyone entertained. The dolphins even paid us a visit for about half an hour. Would highly recommend..”

Catedral Basilica de Mazatlan







“Antique and vintage statues celebrate this beautiful place of worship. My favorite vintage detail is the coin operated display of candles that can light a faux flame for someone you love. The Mother Mary is directly behind the display of candles. Obviously, she has been here many years and has heard a million prayers. She is beautiful beyond words is all I can say.
The old, well worn pews call for me to rest and gaze at the statue of Jesus on the front altar. I can feel the holiness of this site. I take time to offer grateful prayers for my many blessings.
My companion shops for tiny metal milagros which aid in praying for animals, certain limbs injured or disabled, one’s home or family member. The shop is on the outdoor steps of the cathedral in a manger-like hut. Prayer beads, little statues, religious cards and small books are for sale.
As we leave, a wedding party gathers to celebrate a special day.”

Stone Island (Isla de las Piedras)







“n Mazatlan for five weeks. Ferry to Stone Island 50 pesos. Not really an “island”…it is a peninsula but long way to get there by road. Ferry is safe (small) and fun. Insistent on wearing life jackets which is smart and safe. Great length of beach to walk on with many restaurants. You can use the beach loungers and umbrellas and be served food and drinks all day. Very accommodating ….lots of beach vendors…can be fun and prices are really good. Don’t miss it if you have time. “

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