Orphanage Event 2014!

Mazatlan4Rent Team is hosting a lunch for "Ranch de Los Ninos" on Friday January 3rd, 2014. From 11:30 – 2:30pm. 

A portion of Mazatlan4Rent's proceeds each year go to support a local orphanage here in Mazatlan. 

We will be serving a traditional Christmas Turkey Dinner to 25- 30 kids and staff, along with fun games and activities.

If you are interested in attending or contributing to this event. Please contact us for more information at:

US/Canada Phone (360) 326-8769

Mexico Cell (044) 669-101-5160

Email: mazatlan4rent@gmail.com



No Longer Deadly, Mazatlan Returns To Cruise Itineraries



Cruise lines have stayed away from Mazatlan, Mexico for several years, largely due to concerns the cruise experience might include a visit from a dangerous drug lord. With crime rates down in Mexico, west coast cruise ship itineraries are now returning to Mazatlan.

Cruise lines had steered away from the port because of safety issues. There was no way that they would endanger the lives of their passengers by dropping them off at an unsafe place. The move was primarily a precaution as drug lord activity was happening far to the north of Mazatlan.

"We understand that travel agents and providers have a duty to inform their customers, but we feel as if we have been unfairly singled out as an unsafe destination," said Julio Birrueta, spokesperson for the Mazatlan Tourism Trust, according to Caribbean News Digital.

Indeed, I walked the streets of Mazatlan at 3 a.m. with no problem on a recent trip. We explored the area during the Day of the Dead stroll and festivities in 2011, at the height of drug lord mania in the travel world. Held in Mazatlan's old historic district, the centuries-old tradition, also called All Souls Day, honors those who have died with a Mardi Gras-like walking procession through town.

"We didn't just sit around hoping they would return," said Frank Cordova, secretary of tourism for the state of Sinaloa. "We made a lot of changes to upgrade security and to improve the visitor experience."

Holland America Line's Veendam will return to Mazatlan on November 9. Norwegian Star starts arriving December 22 and Azamara Quest returns on December 29.

For More Information: http://www.travelagentcentral.com/newscred?guid=dee6fa8a091d97716712de42062e9bcb

Adopted a Small Orphanage

Aroma Spa and Mazatlan4Rent adopted a small orphanage in Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan4Rent was able to donate 1% of this years proceeds to the orphanage, thanks to all our supporters.

One the evening of December 21st 2011 Aroma Spa and Mazatlan4Rent delivered two truck fulls of gifts, food, and supplies to these wonderful children.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Aroma Spa and Mazatlan4Rent, we could not have done this without you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mazatlan Festival of Lights 2011

Mazatlan's 2011 Festival of Lights Next Weekend.

December 3rd, 8pm on the Malecon

For More Information Visit:


Mazatlan AeroFest 2011

Mazatlan's AeroFest 2011 November 18th – 21st

Mazatlan's Beach Front Skyline will soon be filled with Air Acrobats

from Mexico, US, Germany, Venezuela, and Spain. They will show

off their best tricks such as, Parahawking, Air Ballet, Free Style,

and much more….

What are you waiting for come join us on the beach.

Mazatlan Life

Explore Mazatlan's rich culture through this excellent resource.

Follow the link below for more information