“The Mazatlan Venados” 2011/2012


"Venados" Mazatlan's Baseball Team.  The first game of the season starts this Tuesday (Oct.11th).  You have not experienced baseball until you have seen a game in Mexico. 


For there season schedule and more information go to: 


Mazatlan Dorado Shoot Out 2011

Get Ready for the Dorado Shoot Out this November 5th at Marina El Cid Mazatlán

Don't miss all the fun and excitement of the 1st Annual Dorado Shootout! One team will walk away with a brand new 2011 Ford Ranger XLT Pick-Up Truck. 

Just register, pay the entry fee and then join us for a fabulous event. You’ll find out why so many anglers are calling “The Pearl of the Pacific” the best place to find

Dorado. Enjoy great drawing prizes of tackle, lure and return trips plus optional cash jackpots of $200, $300, $500 and $1000 USD with 85% payback. Plus, all

participants will receive a welcome package kit. 

Contact us for more Information and Registration forms

“Mazatlan Venados”

‎"Mazatlan Venados" Baseball Season Starts Oct – Jan 2012.

Baseball Games in Mexico, are way more fun than Baseball Games in the US.

For there full schedule and ticket info go to: http://www.venadosdemazatlan.com/

Mazatlan Cliff Divers

Cliff diving has been a tradition since 1961 in Mazatlán, and whenever the ocean conditions seem to make it impossible to dive, the young divers step back and give the limelight to the veteran divers, who made this place famous for what it is today. 
Mario Gonzales Agilar was the diver who started the tradition in Mazatlán, and his (more than) 65 years of age don’t hinder him from still diving, especially in extreme conditions. This tourist attraction started as a risky adventure and bet with his friend Roberto Jauregui Villegas.

Mazatlan Lightening Storms

Mazatlan has some really amazing lightening storms during the summer.

 It is really fun to sit out on the patio and watch them

Sea Turtles Visit Mazatlan

Sea Turtles visit Mazatlan beaches every year to lay eggs. 

Last night we had two Sea Turtles visit the beach in front of Playa Linda.

Mazatlan Healthcare

Atlantic Health International Hospital in Mazatlan

With many Americans unable to access or afford quality health care in the United States, medical tourism is on the rise. While medical tourism is not just a North American phenomenon, it is certainly growing rapidly in popularity in the United States as a result of the problems with the current healthcare system. Medical tourism involves traveling to other countries to seek medical services such as surgeries, dental procedures and physical therapy which are available at a fraction of the cost of those same services in the United States.



Viva Mexico Independence Day

Mazatlan Aquarium

Mazatlan Aquarium


Mazatlan Shrimp Fleet

Mazatlan has the largest shrimping fleet in the world.