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“The Mazatlan Venados” 2011/2012


"Venados" Mazatlan's Baseball Team.  The first game of the season starts this Tuesday (Oct.11th).  You have not experienced baseball until you have seen a game in Mexico. 


For there season schedule and more information go to:

Mazatlan Cliff Divers

Cliff diving has been a tradition since 1961 in Mazatlán, and whenever the ocean conditions seem to make it impossible to dive, the young divers step back and give the limelight to the veteran divers, who made this place famous for what it is today. 
Mario Gonzales Agilar was the diver who started the tradition in Mazatlán, and his (more than) 65 years of age don’t hinder him from still diving, especially in extreme conditions. This tourist attraction started as a risky adventure and bet with his friend Roberto Jauregui Villegas.

Sea Turtles Visit Mazatlan

Sea Turtles visit Mazatlan beaches every year to lay eggs. 

Last night we had two Sea Turtles visit the beach in front of Playa Linda.

Pacifico Beer

 Pacifico Beer recently embarked on a 5-city tour to highlight Pacifico is now available on tap. To celebrate, they had kegs custom decorated in the five cities; Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. In each city, they invited folks to come out to the keg paintin’ (and drinkin’) COOL 🙂

Viva Mexico Independence Day

Mazatlan Aquarium

Mazatlan Aquarium

Estrella Del Mar Mazatlan

Mazatlan's Pristine Estrella Del Mar Golf Course. Designed by: Robert Trent Jones Jr.

2012 Carnival Mazatlan

2012 Mazatlan Carnival

February 16th – 21st

Angela Peralta Theater in Mazatlan

The Angela Peralta Theater in Mazatlan is the pride of the Mazatlecos and the most important cultural center in town, serving as a stage for dancing, theater, music, and opera performances. It was originally built between the years 1869 to 1874 and was inaugerated under the name of Teatro Rubio on February 14th, 1874